The CHICAGO SCOTS annually host the largest Midwest Scottish festival for all to enjoy.

Featuring an extravaganza of activities & attractions - from the caber toss to the highland dance to the dogs of Scotland - the family-friendly event is a chance to explore Scottish culture without buying a plane ticket

The CHICAGO SCOTS mission is to nourish Scottish identity through service, fellowship & celebration of Scottish culture. Established in 1845 as the Illinois Saint Andrew Society of the City of Chicago, our organization is the oldest 501(c)3 charity in Illinois. Today, as the CHICAGO SCOTS, we have grown into the largest Scottish cultural organization in north America.

The Society's principal charities are The Scottish Home & The Caledonian House:

The Scottish Home, a beautiful nursing home that the CHICAGO SCOTS built in 1910. The Scottish Home offers a wide range of outstanding assisted living & nursing services. For 100 years, The Scottish Home has provided each resident with loving, person-centered care and true friendship.

The Caledonian House: American faces an unanticipated epidemic. As society ages, Alzheimer's disease & other forms of dementia affect more & more seniors & their families. The Alzheimer's Association projects that, by 2030, 16 million Americans will be living with the disease - a four-fold increase that could cost a trillion dollars a year.

The Caledonian House is a practical response to this challenge, providing a haven of expert care deeply informed by a century of experience.




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Whether you’re of Scottish descent or simply intrigued by Scottish culture, we invite you to join us. This year’s event promises to be our most exciting celebration of Scottish arts & entertainment, athletics, & culinary specialties yet.
     Gus Noble, President, CHICAGO SCOTS

     Gus Noble, President, CHICAGO SCOTS